Your Birthday Party

At first it was fine,

But then there was this radio silence.

In my mind, the silence boomed louder than anything I’d ever heard before. It hurt.

The thoughts, they just turned into tears

And the tears cascaded down my face.

And then things weren’t fine,

The radiating silence sliced through my mind.

Like taking a huge, sharp knife to a birthday cake, slicing over and over again and over again until all the pieces were handed out and being eaten by every one in attendance of the party.

Why was it silent?

It was supposed to be a party.

The Fine Line

Blackened Currents

I’m in a sea of a million pains and I’m trying to keep my head above water – trying not to drown. Occasionally, I give up and I sink for a little bit. When I look up though the blacked currents I see a light and I decide again to go for it. But each time I give up and try again I am weaker and weaker. My only fear is that I won’t make it back to safe land before I lose all of my energy, all of my strength, all of my hope. 
I’ll keep trying – for now.

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When the Change Comes

I reach up and out into the darkness, the nothingness and I pull it toward me.

I am laid out on my back and then it’s 9’oclock in the morning.

The nothingness, I grip tight in the palm of my fists,

I kiss it, my fists; I make a wish. A wish I will share with the rest of the world

Because I pull it onto my face and it becomes my glow. 

I will not try to hide it, not try to subdue. 

Nothingness it may be, but it is newfound life to me. 

And although they may say it’s another craze, another episode,

I will take my nothingness, my newfound life, my glow 

And to all of the world I will let it showshowshow.