Creative Writing, Poetry, The Fine Line

In The Pages

Read it from the pages, my love, and be assured,
That in the prose where noone knows yet what’s next to come,
The mystery, behind those words, behold all the cures,
Slowly. Slowly. Like a rose it all unfolds at once.

But if you pause or look away you might just miss the bunce.
I love you, said in writing can never withhold le cœur.
Perhaps not grand, direct or clear but certainly’s the sum,
So read on in the pages, my love, and be allured.

Questions, The Fine Line

Will I?

Will I set you free? Will I leave you alone and let you be? Will I become, at once, to you, a distant memory?

Will I hear the rush of waters and see that I am in a sea; a sea of endless possibilities? Will I turn my head upward toward the Light for good? Will I be alright?

Will I?

The Fine Line

Bow Down


Once, I thought the best thing I could do is walk with my head held high, looking down at the world just beyond my nose. I thought that if I wore a smile always the lies behind my mask would go away. I thought if I cried only in secret then my show would become my reality.

I thought, I was wrong.

The fact that I was wrong matters nothing at all. I have gained insights – valuable and precious. Because I have seen sides of myself that only time could reveal.

Now. The best thing I can do is bow down before the Author of this all. I can look up at the world with eyes full of wonder. I can be absolutely and utterly and freely me. All sides of myself.

Creative Writing, The Fine Line

The Sea of Endless Possibilities


Diving into seas of spiritual literature her soul, tormented and spoiled, is washed up.

Swimming in the currents she embarks upon a journey, a sojourn, into the yonder worlds and truths.

Waving her arms wildly in the waves, certain of her place now, whispering goodbyes and godblesses to the shore where she once stood.

She doesn’t know anymore and that doesn’t matter. She doesn’t need to. What she does know is that she is in a sea of endless possibilities.