The Fine Line



…Because it’s easier to think idle thoughts. I’ll get depressed again if I sit there regularly trying to figure out what it all means. I’d much rather have a laugh and think about trainers and dresses or Japanese Onigiri. I think those people take life too seriously; those people miss out on it. I was once part of the show. No thank you. I’m having fun, alone, on pinterest, or with a friend or a few. Have a few, catch a movie and bask on the rays of creation. I lead a beautiful life. Now leave me with all your questions.

Creative Writing, Poetry

Love is?

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is blatant
Love is blind

Love is dated
It’s in the air
Love is sacred
Love is fair

Love is yours
Love is mine
Love is giving
Of your time

Love is telling
Love is divine
Love is of spirit
Love is a lie

Love is for the broken
Love is for the blessed
Love will triumph
Every single test

Love comes at first sight
It is all of last night
Love is for the moment
Love is for life

Love is costly
Love is free
Love is exclusive
It isn’t for me

Love is elusive
A mystery
It’s undefined

Love is maternal
Love is obliged

Love is eternal
It is The Sacrifice.