My Blossoming

And as the whole world opens up
Before me
Once again

The trees blossom and flowers bud,
I cannot
But stop

To see the revival of life; love.


Step in.

And suddenly everything is better.
Everything is good again.

Moi, Momentary, The Fine Line

En mí y en ti.


When two souls meet and then they collide
It is symbolic, they’ve realised;
One soul sees the other in their inside,
The universe had conspired to bring life
To a moment that might have died,
Faded in the memory.

You can tell when this occurs, you can see it in the skies.
The universe always stirs
The colours the moment desires.

But only after the lights in the sky,
The Big Dipper, The Questionmark, The Kite,
Has burned the moment and memory into

The night

Unfolds like layers of music, Harmonious and Melodious
That’s the name of these two
Who recognised them selves
En mí y en ti.