Creative Writing, The Fine Line

The Sea of Endless Possibilities


Diving into seas of spiritual literature her soul, tormented and spoiled, is washed up.

Swimming in the currents she embarks upon a journey, a sojourn, into the yonder worlds and truths.

Waving her arms wildly in the waves, certain of her place now, whispering goodbyes and godblesses to the shore where she once stood.

She doesn’t know anymore and that doesn’t matter. She doesn’t need to. What she does know is that she is in a sea of endless possibilities.

Creative Writing, Poetry


This is the moment
The unuttered falls down
The revelation of a thing so pain ridden
Softly descending the skin of my face
Slowly whispering a prayer to the maker
It rolls over my lips and shuts me up
I can’t speak
I wipe it away with hands full of blame
Then offer the tear up and ask for healing.

For you and for me, healing.