Questions, The Fine Line

Will You?

Will you come and find me? Will you come into my room in the darkness of the night and peel away my layer of protection? Will you lay beside me?

Or will you stay away? Will you remain on the other side of the door that I closed between us? Will you refrain from taking further action?

Will You?

Creative Writing, Poetry, The Fine Line

Too Late

He held me tight, but for too long,
Held me just right, it was so wrong.
The time was way off, he was too late, or maybe he was early. He was definitely late.

He is the man I long for in this moment. He was the man of my mind, the man of my dreams, the companion of my soul, the essence of my being. Maybe I’m being a little extreme but these are the thoughts he gives to me. I won’t have him though, I know that now.

And do you hear my heart? Can you hear it scream?
He is the love of my past, and my lover at last. But it won’t last. No, it won’t last.