My Vintage Chanel Sling backs

Going way back with this chic pair of vintage Chanel sling-backs.

" Wait did I just hear that right?
& 'Sling-backs'
all in the same sentence.
My oh my, what a lucky girl.

These beauties are exclusive to the world of heels, you won't find them on many feet today. The pointed toe is representative of the 1950s when winkle-picker (pointed toed) heels were all the rage. The black toe cap on the cream body screams 'stylish, classy and sophisticated'.

This style of shoe is being replicated in the modern day shoe designs, the winkle-picker style (pointed toe), although now less sharp, is making a sharp re-entry and the contrasting toe cap, well, they are standing out on many toes in the high street. However, the modern copies will never meet the classic standards of this vintage pair of Chanel sling-backs.

Triumphing over the fashion world since 1913 Chanel is a name that will never die. As for the classic style, 2013 gets to share the creme de la creme that started a hundred years ago. 
As they say, 'history repeats itself', the classic style of Chanel is prevalent everywhere, and Chanel is still pioneering through the decades.

Sling-backs are begin slung back onto the shelves and web pages of a variety of designers; from next to Christian Louboutins. The Winkle-picker style is being picked, plucked and preped to be renovated for their residency in 2013. And well, the contrast toe is continuing its contrasting classic legacy.CJ xx