Copy – Cat – Walk


Keeping a keen eye on the AW13 Fashion Trends, I have managed to re-work the layered skirt look almost entirely by fluke. Today I was frantically in and out of my London wardrobe trying to pick out an outfit for Church. You see, I have a London wardrobe, because I have moved the majority of my clothes to my flat in Bristol, where I live temporarily while I study. This makes it so difficult to piece the perfect outfit together in your head, because when you get to looking for the outfit, one piece is many miles away in another city. 

Anyway, I’ve re-worked, what I believe to be, the Emilio de la Morena Layered Skirt trend.


This image was sourced from FASHION156 at

My Re-work

So I pulled out an A-line dress from many years ago that I had never worn properly before, mainly because it had always been too short. This acted as the main body of this Layered dress look. A midi skirt I brought a just a few months back of a very similar colour acted as the under layer.


Shades from Next Clearance

Necklace from Matalan

Blazer from H&M

Dress and Skirt from God Knows

Bag from Primark

Sandals from John Lewis, FitFLop


I will definitely be sporting this layered skirt look throughout Autumn, it is such an easy look to piece together and it can be dressed up with a blazer and heels or dressed down with a cardi and flats.

I do wonder if this would work in a Colour Block, hmm.. I guess we’ll see.

Why don’t you try re-working some of the trends you see on the AW13 catwalk.. Please do comment or send me the links to your reworked pieces.

Remember if you love it, you can pull it off!

Cj xx




The Oversized


The 'What?'

This oversized, 70s style, floppy hat is a great accomplice in the sun.


> Paired with some oversized shades, you’re well protected and ready to go. 


The 'how?

'how I would reccomend styling this fab    piece.

Looking at accessories and lusting the oversized craze in addition to the oversized floppy hat and the oversized shades, why not add and oversized watch to keep track of all your timely commitments, an oversized (statement) necklace to jazz up any  outfit, and to keep in tack all your daily bits and pieces with and oversized bag.

The 'where?'

This hat is from Asos for £20 
- But for my 'thrifty fashion' month, I found this in 'Traid',
 Hammersmith, London for £8.99

The 'why?'

So recently I got the most awkward tan. Initially I didn't think I could tan
 because I am really dark skinned already and I guess I have just never noticed any signs of tanning before. It happened when, I was woken up by my mini sister, she  asked me to go and watch her school assembly (she's five and fabulous) and since it was the first time I was back in town, since the last time, I though why not spend some quality time with the family. So I got up, got dressed and got out, to put it simply. When I arrived at my sister's school the teacher told me the assembly was not on that day, it was the following week on Friday. So having dropped her off at school for the day I was really   lost for ideas on what I could do unplanned and so early that day. I decided to head home and pack up some things for a morning in the park. 

When I arrived I scouted out a shady area where I could set up shop. For a few moments this was okay, it was nice and warm but not too hot. Having been there about half an hour I began to feel really warm, like the rays of the sun was piercing into the pores of my skin. I was no longer in the shade, the sun had moved and the shade had reduced. I was on my laptop and it begun to get extremely hot. So I decided to move. I got back into the shade and half an hour later... the same thing. After this I decided, for the sake of my beloved laptop, to put the thing away. I took out a book, laid on my back and begun reading. Obviously I had my shades on, because it was almost vital to have them under such bright and hot sun light. 

WP_20130708_014A while later my mum called to find out where I had gotten to and she said she would come and meet me. When she arrived, she commented on how prepared for a 'picnic' I was. When I took  off my glasses to ... Well I don't remember why I took them off, but it did. She commented on my tan. She told me I had a large patch of lighter skin around my eyes, which were probably from the glasses. I couldn't believe it. 

I thought how stupid I looked, and I remember I was meeting a friend later that day, a friend I had not seen in over a year. When I did finally met her I kept my sun glasses on the whole time. Until she suggested going to eat some where, and typically it would be somewhere dimly lit, Nandos. I had to take them off, I had no choice. 
So this is 'why' I decided to invest in a wide brimmed floppy hat, because that way I would  have complete shady protection for my face from the sun. The rest of my body can blacken away until the sun goes away.

The first day I got it, I shoved it on my head, I didn't really bother matching and pairing  it with my outfit. Simply because I hadn't planned on obtaining the perfect buy so soon.     Luckily, it went well. And typical of London I got comments and compliments left right and   center.I love my oversized hat. Cj xx