Creative Writing, The Fine Line

You or You?

I am stuck in a place between who I was, where I have been and who I may become, where I might go. I am questioning where I am at. Relentless in my endeavours, making terrible choices without a doubt. Simultaneously making the best decisions of my life. I embark upon a journey inspired by nostalgia, all the while I’m intrigued in the mysteries of what’s to come. Where I am is in a place where I wish I wasn’t, and doing nothing about it because it’s the best thing to do. That way wherever it ends up I know I did nothing to get me there. It just happened that way.

I’m afraid to lose sight of what was, because I loved it, I still do. But I want to know if I could love, just as much, the things I would have never known if I remained on the course I was on. I trusted previously, I was confident in the concrete. Now I am on dry sand, no substance and no foundation, I could sink in any minute. But even concrete can break.

I have to make a decision, I have to pick and choose. Will I say I do to you? Or will I say I do to you?


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