I have my reservations. They are not enough to keep me restrained though. I mean when I have stepped over the line of some unrelenting friend or foe and I find myself sprinting away from them through the forest with he or she but a moment after me and I come up again the edge of a cliff, I may think, what about my clothes, there’s no time to take them off. And my phone? I pull it out from its hiding place. Hide it in the shrubs. I leap.

The moments, the adrenaline, the reservations, the threats all behind me. Looking down at me falling through the air, with a scream in my throat and a smile on my face. And I crash!

The water is cold and shocking. Something swims just under my chest.

I drag myself and my clothes through the cold fresh water onto the rocks. All the while screaming up and about my rush of emotions. Sharing with nature my joys of being free in its presence.

The water trickles down my face and the wind blows through the parts in my dreadlocks.  Untamable.


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