The sun is shining in me eyes, and on me bare arms.
Its a beautiful thing nature, just watching it dance.
The rays of orange and white, are such a delight
And its warmth’s transcends deep inside.
As the sun sets and the winds subside,
For a moment, just one, I feel alive.
Strolling through the park is kinda me style,
I do so often, the appreciation had die.

The clouds fill the sky and its cold again,
I feel the wind on me face, its always the same.
The rain will come and then the strike of lighting.
Home time I guess. Find a bench and start unpacking.
Me sleeping bag is still damp from last night
I really ought to put up a fight the next time a bum comes to steal what ‘e likes.
Two scarves I’ve lost and a jumper last night.
It’s hard on me, because I know violence ain’t right,
It’s how mam killed me dad and got sentenced to life
They put me out at 18, on me own to survive.
But its either that, violence I mean, or freezing at night.

I was right, the rain came down, hard it did, then the strike of lighting and the crash of thunder.
Cover the seat with me sleeping bag, get under…
Volia! I don’t mean to brag but I’ve made meself a shelter, should keep the rain out for a little while.

Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine alright,
I a’nt fond of it but I a’nt got no choice,
You go home to your bed and enjoy your night.

Look miss its raining, you’re gona get sick.
What do you mean you can’t? You can do what you like.
What? You a’nt got anything to give me? But you’re gona give me a voice?
You’re gona raise funds and enhance awareness to help the people of the world? The homeless ones.

By Chaneen Salako
For the A Homeless Winter campaign 2014


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