Creative Writing, Poetry

A Nostalgia

I yearn for the nostalgia, a time long before me, when it was all and only about the Lord; all and only about Christ.

A time where people’s faith was what governed the world, where beliefs were the most important and they were passed down from generation to generation.

A time where people were afraid to sin, and non-believers were unheard of, because they were all fearful of God and all that He stood for; as they should be.

A time where people leaned on the Lord for protection and for safety, where they looked to Christ for Love and for Grace.

A time where one could live in blissful solitude because, although they were not with others, they were always in the presence of the Lord.

I miss that time where the Holy Spirit could freely roam from person to person because He was always welcomed by everyone.

A time where people gathered in fellowship and in faith, to hear and learn the words of their Creator.

I want that time where everything was perfectly shaped, and no evilness was present.

I do sit and miss it.

Or do I sit and yearn for it?

Is that a time of the past?

Or is it a time yet to come?

I’m sure from the beginning of time there has always been wrong doing.

I must surely be dreaming forwards.

I have never heard of such a time in any sort.

I see this light, a light so powerful it burns out any evil that even thinks about coming close.

A light so bright it could only mean eternal joy.

Considering joy is not yet here, for everyone, this must be a time yet to come.


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