Creative Writing

Sorry For My Abscence

“I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a while baby. It’s just, life has seemed to get the better of me recently” I said to my nine year old mini-me.

“It’s okay ma. I know how you mean. It’s the same with me some times; I have school and I have ballet classes, music lessons, swimming lessons, crochet and I was thinking about taking up language lessons, but I’m not sure. It would be nice to spend more time together.” My baby said rambling on. It made me chuckle a little bit, but I still felt bad. We were two very involved but very busy beings.

“Okay,” I smiled, how about you take up your languages classes, because believe me you  it will be rather beneficial when you are my age. I’ve only got a few weeks left of my French classes and then I will have an extra day and I will dedicate it to you? How about that?”

“Yaaaaaay! A Mini-me and Mommy Day. You might have to shift a day because my language classes are on a Saturday so technically it wouldn’t change anything.”

“Yeah sure thing baby. I am my own boss. Anyway I am sorry for not being around and I am going to make it up to you. Let’s get breakfast”

“I’ve already made breakfast” she said pulling back the covers from my almost empty queen size bed. “Come on.”

I gave her my hand and followed her through the hall and down the stairs to the dining room. There was a copy of Vogue on the table beside her mini ipad, which was opened on the kiddie vogue page on Pintrest, there were two tea cups opposite each other. Black coffee in both, toast, jams, milk and a box of Cheerios.

“Good morning Mom” she said grinning up at me. I stroked her head.

“I love you baby. Thanks”

We sat opposite each other. I was in awe of this little girl, she was so delightful to be around. I took a sip of my luke-warm coffee, I really couldn’t complain. After another sip I half choked and half spat out the coffee. The white linen table clothe, my pyjamas and chin were covered in brown stains.  Mini-me was mimicking me, sipping at her tea cup full of coffee.

“You’re drinking coffee? Black Coffee?!” I said. She looked at me for a second, stunned. Then she burst out in laughter, like a small child being tickled by blooby. Her words and her laughter intertwined.

“I.. I..” her laughter continued, “no…” and continued, “it..” and continued.

She was clearly high. How much coffee had she drank before I came down? Her laugher continued. I shook my head and confiscated her coffee. It was far colder than mine. I rolled my eyes and shook my head again and reached for my magazine, which had also been a victim of my splutter incident.

About 10 minutes later she stopped laughing. “It’s not normal coffee mom”, she said giggling.

“It had better not be. You’re far to young to bee hooked on anything.” I said in the most mom like tone I had even used.

“Taste it” she said offering a face as serious as she could pull off. I squinted my eyes at her a little, trying to read that seriousness.

“O kay.” I picked up the confiscated tea cup and help it to my lips. The thought of cold coffee made me cringed. I sipped and I spat. It was another accident, I couldn’t contain my laughter. It was coca-cola. She poured herself some coca-cola just too look like mom. My mini-me hated coca-cola.

We sat there laughing for most of the morning. We ate and talked and read, or flicked through pages looking at pictures, occasionally showing one another something ultra cute or ultra awesome.


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