Copy – Cat – Walk


Keeping a keen eye on the AW13 Fashion Trends, I have managed to re-work the layered skirt look almost entirely by fluke. Today I was frantically in and out of my London wardrobe trying to pick out an outfit for Church. You see, I have a London wardrobe, because I have moved the majority of my clothes to my flat in Bristol, where I live temporarily while I study. This makes it so difficult to piece the perfect outfit together in your head, because when you get to looking for the outfit, one piece is many miles away in another city. 

Anyway, I’ve re-worked, what I believe to be, the Emilio de la Morena Layered Skirt trend.


This image was sourced from FASHION156 at

My Re-work

So I pulled out an A-line dress from many years ago that I had never worn properly before, mainly because it had always been too short. This acted as the main body of this Layered dress look. A midi skirt I brought a just a few months back of a very similar colour acted as the under layer.


Shades from Next Clearance

Necklace from Matalan

Blazer from H&M

Dress and Skirt from God Knows

Bag from Primark

Sandals from John Lewis, FitFLop


I will definitely be sporting this layered skirt look throughout Autumn, it is such an easy look to piece together and it can be dressed up with a blazer and heels or dressed down with a cardi and flats.

I do wonder if this would work in a Colour Block, hmm.. I guess we’ll see.

Why don’t you try re-working some of the trends you see on the AW13 catwalk.. Please do comment or send me the links to your reworked pieces.

Remember if you love it, you can pull it off!

Cj xx




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