The Swag Rack

Do you ever feel like you stand in front of you wardrobe every morning for about (half) an hour, repeating to yourself ‘I have no clothes… I have nothing to wear‘? Or decide maybe when you get out of the shower you will have thought of something, and then you still have no idea? Well me too! It is the most annoying thing, and everyone believes I have so many, too many, clothes but I just don’t see it.

Until very recently this was a problematic daily for me. I would have to wake up that extra half an hour to an hour early just to sort out my clothes for the day. (This is what made me miss school uniforms, although I always argued against them while at school).

A few days back I brought a clothes rack from Ikea, it was the cheapest on going at £6.50. I don’t intend for it to last very long but I thought it wont hurt to try out the concept of ‘The Swag Rack’ I had heard a bit about.


And I must tell you, it has brought nothing but ease. My clothes are never creased any more so it saves me time on ironing out the fold-lines and creases. Also, if I know what I am doing in advance I can just put a weeks worth of clothing out for the specific events that are to occur.

The ‘swag rack’ has helped me plan out my fashion life so much. For example, I will have my dinner dress for my date on Monday night, my sweats for the gym on Tuesday. A small selection of my colourful-casual tops for my trip to the movies on Wednesday with a pair of jeans, or leggins or a skirt, which I can pick out on any given day, depending on the weather. And finally my business dress clothes for work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  – Chaneen

You see what I mean, your personal fashion week is planned and prepared. There’s no more waking up in the morning crying to yourself because you can’t find anything to wear in the piles of clothes in your chest-of-drawers and wardrobe. All you have to do is get on that cat walk you strut you beautiful self throughout the days. Stress free!

And if you want even more ease, why not make a jewellery rack and a sun/glasses rack.


> These not only bring ease and organisation, they add a stylish look to your closet or bedroom.

This has been a style saviour, why not try it yourself. You can’t go wrong with £6.50 (Price correct at time of publishing, subject to change){keyword}%3Emckv%3EZNieTI0R

Remember if you love it, you can pull it off!

Cj xx


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